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Boost efficiency and up-scale your business with a user-friendly, automated data extraction software.
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Automated Data Extraction for
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Automate the time-consuming menial tasks that the computer can do for you with Xtracta, an exciting software that will save you time and money.

Xtracta is designed to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and OCR for automated data extraction from imagery documents, helping businesses dealing with a large amount of documentation.

The cloud-based system suits any business model in any industry, and can be integrated into any software with its easy-to-use API to automatically capture and extract data from scanned, photographed, or digital documents.

What is OCR?

Shortened form for Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader, OCR is the use of technology to determine printed or handwritten text characters inside scanned, photographed, digital documents or from subtitle text superimposed on an image..

It is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.


What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

Application refers to any software with a distinct function. The interface can be thought of as a contract of service between two applications, defining how the two communicate with each other using requests and responses.

Their API documentation contains information on how developers are to structure those requests and responses.

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How Does Xtracta Differ From Most Other Automated Data Extraction Software?

Unlike traditional OCRs, the unique technology in Xtracta does not require manually setting up templates.

By using machine learning and Big Data, it enables its users to extract data from an unlimited array of document designs.

It extracts data from invoices, bills, receipts and contracts to documents like prescriptions, shipping manifests, bank statements, supplier statements and more.

How Can I Benefit From an Automated Data Extraction Tool Like Xtracta?

Seamless On-Device & Cloud Integration

Seamless On-Device & Cloud Integration

Xtracta can be integrated into any software whether on-device or cloud-based making it a perfect fit for any business.
Efficient Data Location

Efficient Data Location

No more drowning yourself in stacks of paper to find data or documents. Xtracta enables real-time tracking and reporting, so you find existing documents easily.
Eliminate Input Error

Eliminate Input Error

Automate data extraction and eliminate input errors that can occur during manual data entry. Most importantly you no longer need to worry about tracking errors.
Innovative OCR

Innovative OCR

Xtracta continuously learns with each document it captures and extracts data from. The AI-powered technology enables Xtracta to decipher data in many languages or design templates.


Eliminate the cost of data entry, increasing efficiency, productivity & profitability. What's more? Receive automatic notifications for unclear data the system fails to capture, then help Xtracta learn.


Simple to set up and supports an endless amount of document designs. Removes manual data entry, and by sending a copy of your document to the software, reduces physical intervention required by your staff.

What's More?

Xtracta also pulls data from other software and matches it with each new document & its data.

For example, Xtracta can receive your product database and customer database from your ERP and review the “database” when trying to learn what your documentation is supposed to say.

You can decide to what extent you want to integrate it with your software – be as high-level as detailed as you want.

Quote for Thought

From the Expert

“ What I love about Xtracta is how flexible and smart it is.

It’s not just another OCR tool throwing data across the internet from what it thinks the document says and pushing it into your connected system, it’s checking your database and trying to learn what the document should be saying.

This is huge because accuracy and speed improves even faster as each individual workflow learns more about you and your business. ”

Jeri Wambeek

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How Do I Integrate Xtracta Into My Existing Systems & Use It to Its Full Potential?

That’s where our WAO Team of Experts come in.

We know how hard it is to decide on new systems to implement to streamline your business processes. So many aspects to look at, and so many stressful questions.

How can we increase performance?

What systems do we need?

How do we choose the best? Will it fit the business? How do we train employees to use these systems to their full potential? Can the staff handle it?

Just Sit Back & Let Us Take Over

Our WAO experts won’t just tell you what to choose, we show you what you can expect with the systems that we feel will best fit your business through personalised video demonstrations.

We won’t just train your staff to use the system, we create future real-life scenarios based on data and workflow information we collect, find workarounds and train your staff to resolve them.

What’s more?

You can count on us to support you via our chats and e-mail even after the system is fully implemented and in use.

At WAO, we love to simplify tasks for our clients, and that’s exactly what we do.

Our process is thorough, yet we make it simple to handle.

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