All-in-One Reporting Solutions Dashboard

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How it Works

I remember when I was a Financial Controller, in a company that sold bearings based in Sydney. We had approximately 70,000 sku’s, and ran an old ERP system. Even in an ERP system, the system is modular, and it was difficult to reconcile a SOH report to the general ledger. This simple example is more of a problem with two different systems, ie Xero (Ledger) and then an Inventory system (Cin7, DEAR, Unleashed, etc). See the below example of how we are reconciling two systems in realtime for a customer using Quick Books Online (QBO) and Cin7 (an inventory management system).

Running this in realtime, and seeing an issue come up, you can change it immediately, rather than when you notice months later (or usually at year end when you are doing your tax), and then having to investigate for days or even weeks trying to figure out what went wrong. With a realtime dashboard like the example above, the issue is flagged straight away and you can address it immediately.

As much as the cloud was a game changer for businesses, it fell short in this area. With the cloud, amazing things could be achieved, what was only once a domain relegated to large businesses, now can be accessed readily by everyone. WAO Connect allows you to bring all your different systems together, whether that’s your CRM, Inventory, e-Commerce, social media, accounting, project boards, the list goes on.

Our Focus

Further to this, we focused on product-based reporting, we are constantly developing more reports for that most important asset of all in your product based business, your stock!! From forecasting, deep analysis, trends, we want to get so specialized in this area, that you will be able to plug all your systems and have the reports, scenarios, dashboard you require to make decisions that could save you time, and more importantly money.

The Process

Our platform does have standard reporting. However, the reality is one size does not always fit everyone, actually, it almost never does. Your business is unique and we have a consultative process that allows us to dive into what you are looking for, and assuming your software API allows us, we can practically create anything. Our platform isn’t just a plug and play platform, it can be configured and customized to fit you. This is what makes it powerful, relevant and so useful.