What’s the Difference Between Shopify & Shopify Plus

July, 2019

Shopify has made a name for itself as one of the most trusted, secure and reliable e-commerce platform that allows merchants to focus on their business instead of fiddling around with tricky technology and risky security concerns. This is due to it being a hosted service – all of the upkeep, troubleshooting and security are managed by Shopify.

Shopify is compatible with businesses of all shapes and sizes. They have plans that could cater to the smallest startup and plans that could meet the needs of a huge enterprise.

The big question is, which of those plans is right for you? Growing businesses have growing needs, and the bigger your store is, the more complex its needs are. So when shouldyou take the leap from Shopify to Shopify plus? Let us (and this article) be your guide.

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When stores reach the $1-$2 million annual profit mark, it is usually the most ideal time to move to Shopify plus. It’s not the revenue that triggers the need, but we’ve found that it’s around this mark when the extra support and unique features of Plus start to make it worth the investment for their business.

Let’s look at the highlights, the major differences between Shopify and Shopify plus. The power of their features is the major difference between these two e-commerce options.

With Shopify plus, you get higher level tools and more features than Shopify. Think of it as switching from Robin to being Batman.

 A higher level of Customization:

This includes customizable product pages and payment processing features. The look of your storefront can be built completely to your specifications. You can also customize your checkout page with a responsive layout.

 Unlimited Staff Accounts

While Shopify plans have a maximum of 15 staff accounts, Plus offers unlimited staff accounts. Now each member of your team will be able to access your store and be able to perform their tasks.


 No Need for Coding Knowledge

With Shopify plus, adding and updating products is easy since they do all the backend work for you. Using software that takes care of your order management, fulfilment and shipping gives you more time to focus on marketing and growing your business.

Shopify plus also integrates with a large number of platforms like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Amazon and Wish.

 International E-commerce Ready

Shopify Plus has a feature called clone store or multi-store. You can create multiple versions of your store, under one account using this. This clone option is not available on Shopify’s basic plan. It supports multiple languages and currencies, great for international eCommerce. It also works well for wholesaling and regional stores.

 Functionality for Growth

There are a few features within Plus that offer some pretty unique abilities that aren’t available to regular plans. Apps like Script, Launch and Flow are just some of the examples of Plus exclusive apps. With the newly launched Shopify Connectors, your apps can “talk to” and connect to each other creating a seamless and functional level of automation that allows for more growth.


 Lower Transaction Fees

In the table shown above, Shopify plus has significantly lower transaction fees than the normal Shopify plans. When your sales reach the millions, those 1% or 2% charges, can amount to quite a sum.

 Shopify Plus has a Higher Level of Support

One of the main upsides to Plus is the support. Shopify plus has dedicated account managers.These include launch managers, merchant success managers, and best of all, 24/7 priority support.

As you start working with Plus the launch managers will support you and provide technical assistance in migration and development. The merchant success managers help steer you in the right direction in various areas to increase your profits. This could mean billing support, sales channels, and more.

 Shopify or Shopify Plus?

The main types of companies who should use Shopify Plus are large ventures, wholesalers, and enterprise level eCommerce shops. Shopify is for small and medium businesses.

The powerful and reliable nature of the Shopify Plus software makes it ideal for businesses who would otherwise have to hire technical staff. In exceptional cases, having a system like Shopify Plus is a definite advantage. For example, a spike in sales around the holidays can bring a crash to your store or system if you have not prepared. Shopify handles incidents like this so you don’t have to worry.

Hope this article has served as a guide on whether you should opt for Shopify Plus for your business or stick to Shopify. Still in doubt? Talk to us! Book a free discovery call and let our awesome team help you out.

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