What Systems Can you Integrate with an Inventory Management System?

August, 2020

It is really important to know what systems you can integrate with an Inventory management system. The reason being is that it allows you to automate and level the playing field with the big boys. In essence using software to do what in the past would require staff, greatly decreases your costs of running. Streamlines your operation and allows it to be scalable.

So let’s jump in and take a look at what is possible out there.

Enterprise Resource Management software (ERP)

It is a software which allows you to automate and integrate your business processes. It centralizes your system to help you keep track of your company’s day-to-day activities such as manufacturing, accounting, distribution, procurement, among other processes.

Accounting Software

They are software to streamline the process of your business. It makes it easier for you to monitor the purchase orders, invoice, accounts payable, payroll for you to get accurate reporting of your business’ financial status. Some of the commonly used accounting systems are Xero, Netsuite, Quickbooks online, and so much more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

By staying connected with your current and potential customers, it allows your company to improve your business relationship and customer service. This can help encourage your clients to visit your business again and even recommend you to other potential customers.


It is the process of making a transaction over the internet. It is buying or selling of goods online. In a time where everyone is going online, having an online presence can help you expand your reach and further grow your business. Businesses whether big or small, are starting to transition their business online. Some are starting their own website while others use what is already available such as Shopify, Amazon, among others.

Point of Sale (POS system)

It is the location where a customer can transact with a business by using its POS system. It facilitates complete purchases, records the sales data, and gives a performance report of the business for your review at any given time. It is the brick and mortar store where customers can visit and purchase items directly from the retailer.

Shipping Software

This makes the process of delivering your ordered products easier. It allows you to monitor your shipments, track where your items are, and provide real-time status updates to your customers. Having an Inventory Management System allows you to have better coordination with your customer.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

It allows sending of business-critical information faster between trading partners. This makes conducting business faster and easier.

3PL (Third-party Logistics)

Refers to availing of services from a third-party to outsource logistic operations like the fulfilment of services, warehouses and inventory management. This may be convenient if you do not have the resources to do this yourself.

These systems can give your customers a tailored-fit process flow. Systems are important for your company to make your team more effective in their assignments and it helps you keep track of all the details in your business. Although, several businesses usually just use one and seldom do they combine systems. Integrating systems together can give your company a competitive advantage by improving customer relations, cutting costs and streamlining your processes.

However, when you want to integrate all your existing systems with an Inventory Management system. A company which offers custom API integration might just be what you need. Now you might ask, what does custom API or Application Programming Interface mean, well it is simply like a middleman that ensures seamless functioning of all the systems you use in your business. An API allows exchange between data, applications, and devices. APIs make sure that you do not encounter any issues or errors when you are using various applications together.

Here is a simple way to describe what API really is. It is like having a business partner who speaks another language, which you do not understand. For you to understand each other, you will get someone who can translate your language to tell your business partner what you want to do with the business. Having that translator allows you to be able to work effectively with your business partner even if your language is not compatible with each other. This is what a custom API does for you, it allows your systems to be able to work with each other and be able to complete the process without any problems.

Therefore, you can basically integrate whatever systems you have already in place to the Inventory Management System you chose. You simply need to know what features you really need now and what you will need as your business grows. For you to do just that, you will be needing a Solutions provider. A solutions provider will be your best source of all the details
you will need to know and training.

To know more of what systems can integrate all your systems, schedule a Discovery call.

Are you ready to bring that perfect system in your head to life?

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