We’re open with Skeleton Staff during the Holiday Season

December, 2021

It’s the holiday season again! Once again, the WAO Group will have skeleton staff available to assist customers with emergency issues while the rest of us take a break from the 22nd December till the 5th January. Please ensure that you have sent all your requests before then, and we will have someone available to help with anything that comes up over the holiday season.

Many of our clients are extremely busy during this time of year. We understand that it is not always possible to anticipate demand at this busy time of year. So our staff have stepped up to help out.

The WAOGroup staff will also be taking breaks during this holiday season to reconnect with ourselves and spend time with family and loved ones. But we’ve grown and to close would affect too many of our customers.

We wish all of our working clients a happy and fruitful season. To all of our resting clients, happy and rejuvenating time off.

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