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How WaxIt Saved Two Days a Week with DEAR Inventory & its apps

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The story of WaxIt going from Attache to DEAR Inventory with addons

This article is about how Waxit moved to DEAR Inventory and a number of Apps to make their business more efficient.

  • Why Waxit moved from Attache to a cloud inventory app with Xero 
  • What apps they are using now and how we helped them get up and running
  • What we all learned along the way and how you can avoid the same mistakes 
  • What other apps Waxit can use next to save even more time and make more money 

WaxIt is a wonderful family business out of Tullamarine, Victoria, who have to be the most innovative and modern car care enthusiasts. A beautiful family with a beautiful vision to be the best car care specialists and be accessible to all serious car care enthusiasts anywhere, with their engaging and easy to use Shopify website. Connecting to Shopify was a must-have for them.

 WaxIt Before WAOConnect

Have you ever wondered when you were manually entering transactions from bank statements or recording payments manually on an invoice, “There has got to be a better way!”. You are not the only one to think this. Rod Drury, founder of Xero, certainly thought this with “his idea to change the world and build a new suite of accounting software from scratch, without any preconceived ideas from existing players of how it should look, feel and act.” Read more about the Xero start up story in Business Insider, “THE UNTOLD STORY: How Xero took a band name and changed accounting for a million companies”.

For anyone using a desktop application, like Attache, MYOB desktop, Pronto and others, to manage their accounts and inventory, has quite a task ahead of them each day. After they turn on the computer, get a cuppa, log into internet banking, print off the bank statements, get a ruler and a pen to mark off each transaction as they process it…. “There has got to be a better way!”

For Waxit, their existing systems were: 

  • Attache for accounting, inventory and payroll 
  • Shopify for the website – connected to Attache via WebNinja
  • Manual processing for fulfillment direct with Australia Post and Fastway 
  • Spreadsheets and very impressive mental memory games for forecasting and reordering

 WaxIt After WAOConnect

WaxIt came to WAOConnect wanting help to implement Unleashed inventory management software with Shopify and Xero. They decided they were happy with Unleashed, happy to cost out their inventory on average cost (because this is what Attache was doing), happy to deal with the basic document design (because it was way better than Attache’s anyway) and they were also happy that it didn’t have a native POS module in Unleashed.  They knew they could use Shopify POS if they really needed it – most of their sales are online. 

After WAOConnect helped WaxIt bring their dreams of playing golf more often to life, this is the apps they are now using: 

  • DEAR Inventory for inventory management 
  • Shopify for the website
  • StarShipIT for automating fulfillment with Australia Post and Fastway 
  • Xero for accounting and payroll 
  • Inventory Planner for inventory forecasting and stock replenishment

But wait? You thought they were going to use Unleashed not DEAR Inventory!

Read on. 

Let’s get into the detail on how these apps work together and why they have made such a difference for WaxIt and how these apps can make a difference in your business too.

 From Attache to Unleashed to DEAR Inventory

As mentioned above, WaxIt came to WAOConnect wanting help to install the inventory management software, Unleashed. As requested, WAOConnect started down this path, however, after testing Unleashed for all their requirements, the deal breaker was that Unleashed’s invoices are unable to print as Tax Inclusive. 

For example, if you sold an item to customers in the showroom for $33 and you wanted the invoice to show $33 incl. GST of $3, instead of $30 plus GST of $3. It can be confusing for customers and it’s the kind of thing you assume is possible in all mature systems these days. If you want to vote for the feature on Unleashed’s feature request forum, you can do so here

At WAOConnect, we won’t try and fit your business into a solution, we ensure that we help you find the solution that best suits your business. We knew DEAR Inventory well and went about ensuring that this was a better fit for WaxIt, completed testing and finalised the implementation and training of DEAR Inventory to get the systems up running by Go Live.

 From Attache to Xero

Once the core operational system was sorted – DEAR Inventory – the next step was converting the accounting system over to Xero, including payroll. It was an interesting experience as Attache isn’t an easy system to get data out of, but we were able to import monthly trial balances for comparative history and get them up and running on Xero smoothly. 

Xero was a huge time saver for the WaxIt team. Previously, they were spending over two days putting in payments for orders, doing manual reconciliations and not even having time to do a bank reconciliation, as they were constantly playing catch up. Since installing Xero, their bank account is reconciled every day and their payroll only takes 20% of the time it used to. Payslips are easily emailed out to the staff after the pay run and bank rules were just awesome for the WaxIt team after years of using Attache.

 From Manual Shipping Consignments to StarShipIt

StarShipIt receives the customer order details automatically from DEAR Inventory as soon as the order is marked as Packed in DEAR. This is actually set to be done automatically as soon as the order comes from Shopify, as long as the stock is physically available. It means that the items can be picked and the order boxed and label printed in just a matter of minutes, because it’s all there in StarShipIt ready to go. 

The fulfillment team prints off the Australia Post labels in this case. StarShipIt even knows if it needs to be Express Post or Parcel Post from the data DEAR pushed through from Shopify. Once the label is printed, StarShipIt will push the Carrier and Tracking Code details back up to DEAR and marks the order as Shipped. DEAR then marks the order as fulfilled in Shopify. 

Waxit - DEAR Inventory and Apps

 From Forecasting Spreadsheets to Inventory Planner

Once WAOConnect had saved the WaxIt team hours and hours of work with DEAR Inventory, Xero and StarShipIt, a week after Go Live, they were ready for more. DEAR Inventory was connected to Inventory Planner to enable the purchasing team to buy what they needed and when. 

Inventory Planner is a forecasting and replenishment software that calculates the sales velocity of each of the products in the business and uses the supplier lead time and days of stock you want to hold, to tell you exactly what you need to buy and when. 

 Lessons Learned with WaxIt

During the WaxIt job one of the biggest issues we faced was the DEAR to Shopify integration and the DEAR to StarShipIt integration. 

With DEAR, the Shopify integration only pushes orders from Shopify into DEAR once per hour. It’s actually at the top of every hour. What this means is, that if a customer places an order at 2.03pm, it won’t show up in the Sales Order screen of DEAR for fulfillment (or land in StarShipIt) until 3.00pm. With orders coming through every 5 or so minutes at WaxIt, this was quite an issue when we first realised the DEAR Inventory integration with Shopify was only one per hour. At the time, the documentation said it was updated every 10 or so minutes. 

Our solution: enable a manual push Process in the back of the Shopify integration settings in DEAR to pull through the orders more regularly. This is a short term solution and we have requested DEAR to update this. If you need this too, please vote here.

 What’s Next for WaxIt?

A2X for Shopify and maybe even for Amazon too. Currently the WaxIt team reconcile the daily sales and payments from different payment methods in Xero each morning. They are saving so much time on reconciliation, that initially they were happy to do this manually. A2X for Shopify is a neat little app that takes all the pain away. You can read more about the A2X for Shopify app on our blog here

Working with the WaxIt team was one of the highlights of our business. If you are a car care enthusiast, make sure that you check out their website, WaxIt Car Care

If you ever have any questions about DEAR Inventory, Unleashed Inventory, Xero, A2X for Shopify or Inventory Planner, book in a free discovery call with one of our team here.

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