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WAO Connect

How it Works – an Example

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When Marlon Wambeek was a Financial Controller, in a company that sold bearings based in Sydney. They had approximately 70,000 sku’s and ran an old ERP system. Even in an ERP system, the system is modular, and it was difficult to reconcile a SOH report to the general ledger. This simple example is more of a problem with two different systems, ie Xero (Ledger) and then an Inventory system (Cin7, DEAR, Unleashed, etc). See the below example of how we are reconciling two systems in realtime for a customer using Quick Books Online (QBO) and Cin7 (an inventory management system).

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Running this in realtime, and seeing an issue come up, you can change it immediately, rather than when you notice months later (or usually at year-end when you are doing your tax), and then having to investigate for days or even weeks trying to figure out what went wrong with a realtime dashboard like the example above, the issue is flagged straight away and you can address it immediately.

As much as the cloud was a game-changer for businesses, it fell short in this area. With the cloud, amazing things could be achieved, what was only once a domain relegated to large businesses, now can be accessed readily by everyone. WAO Connect allows you to bring all your different systems together, whether that’s your CRM, Inventory, e-Commerce, social media, accounting, project boards, the list goes on.

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How does the Process Looks Like?
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The normal process follows the below steps:

Step 1
Initial scope to work out what your reporting needs  are.

Step 2
Sample reports will be requested so our report engineers can accurately understand your requirements.

Step 3
Also the number of systems you wish to connect and what they are, if we can’t get developer access, we might request admin access so that we can get into the API.

Step 4
Our internal reporting team will provide a quote for building the report after this.

Step 5
The quote is a setup fee for building the report if you are happy with this cost and you accept the quote, the job goes into production.

Step 6
We will request access to the systems you want to connect if we did not receive it in the above step.

Step 7
The report will be created.

Step 8
You will be given access when it is in its draft stage and can make all the changes you want.

Step 9
Upon finalizing the report, your team will be invited to access the system

Is it just a One-Off Cost?
Or is There More?

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Business System Automation at it’s Finest.

Yes, it is a one-off cost per report setup, and you can update the report once a month, this is covered in your monthly subscription. If you require a new report/dashboard, this will incur a setup fee.

There is also a monthly subscription for the service, and this will depend on how many dashboards you require. For the pricing, email us at demo@waoconnect.com.

* For live dashboards, check our microsite here.

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POWER Business Intelligence & Dashboard Tool

Come Book a Free Scope Call and share with us what Reports/Dashboards you want to see in your business, and we will give you an honest, no-nonsense answer if we can do it or not.

WAO Connect is the Game Changer for
Product-Based Businesses!

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