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As the cloud software industry evolves and grows at a rapid pace, there is
always going to be the need for someone to tell the real stories.

Stocktaking typically applies to businesses that manufacture, buy, sell or exchange physical goods. Whether perpetual or periodic, a physical verification of stocks available in the shelves or in the warehouse is an indication of efficient supply chain management. Stocktaking is a fundamental aspect of inventory control regardless of the technique executed to perform it.

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A2X is a certified Xero application and has a well-earned reputation as being one of the most effective Amazon accounting integration solutions. A2X creates a seamless integration of transactions and reconciliation from Amazon to your accounting software. Now A2X is giving us the same great experience but with Shopify.

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I’m always really passionate about health, and on my journey to always maintain the highest level of health, I have had many detours, valleys and some really high peaks. I have been Lacto-ovo Vegetarian (eat some animal products, i.e. milk, eggs, etc), then moved to a Paleo based diet (lots of meat, no dairy, and a lot of vegetables and no grains), Keto (high fat, low carb, moderate proteins) and now finally I am a vegan.

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