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As the cloud software industry evolves and grows at a rapid pace, there is
always going to be the need for someone to tell the real stories.

WhichAddOn Testimonial

Superfeast story sharing what its like working with WhichAddOn. Explaining about the journey and the end result. We loved working with this guys and the end result was a great experience for both Superfeast and also WhichAddOn.

Welcome To WhichAddOn
Cloud Inventory & EDI Experts

Welcome to WhichAddOn. It’s our purpose as a business to bring
the possible to life. We help transform product-selling businesses
through cloud software solutions. Our unique method for
ensuring that we help you find the right cloud software is just the
start of our refined process that helps you move onto a new
business-changing solution.

What is EDI
(Electronic Data Interchange)?

Sick of watching cute-sy little animation videos trying to make it
easy to understand “What is EDI”? Look no further because we are
here to break it down – nice and easy.

Create Your Cloud Selling

Everything you need to know about selling cloud solutions
successfully, now!
At the end of this webinar, you will download your workbook to
create your firm’s OWN cloud selling strategy. You will have the
template to create your own strategy based on proven
techniques and methods used by successful firm’s around
the world.

Whichaddon Creating Great

Experiences – Lone Pine

Lone Pine is structural landscape company driven to succeed.
Edward Drinan co-founded the company back in 2013 and as
growth came, so did problems managing his business.
The system they had built was paper and spreadsheet based,
and managing multiple jobs became a nightmare.

WhichAddon – Weekly Newsletter

14 March 2016

Updates from last week.
Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing David Fredrickson,
President of Profitsee. We will be sharing his interview and
demonstration this week.

WhichAddon – Weekly

Newsletter 7 March 2016

Last week, I was interviewed by Morris Kaplan from the Bookkeepers
Hub Australia on How to Become a Cloud Expert in 21 Days. I
shared my passionate advice on how to provide more value-
added services to your clients and grow your business – but
most importantly, how to do it practically.
I will share Morris’ podcast with you as soon as it’s available.

WhichAddon – Weekly
Newsletter 29 February 2016

In case you missed it last week, we launched our latest project,
the Ecosystem Expert Academy. An online Academy dedicated to
Xero learning – it’s aim:
To make Xero learning EFFORTLESS
To make Xero learning AFFORDABLE
To make Xero learning AVAILABLE ANYWHERE
Check out the Academy, click here.

Are you ready to bring that perfect
system in your head to life?

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