The New Odoo Pricing Plan & How It Works

October, 2022

The restructuring of the Odoo pricing plan not only brings more value to businesses but also allows for smaller businesses with limited budgets to access and utilise all its modules & functionalities to grow their business.

Odoo Pricing Plans & What They Offer

Odoo offers its users two main pricing plans.  Below are the costs in USD for Australia and New Zealand Odoo customers. 

  1. The Standard Plan at US$28.30 per month per user
  2. The Custom Plan at US$42.500 per month per user

Note: There is a first-year user discount on initial sign-up. 

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Apart from the above pricing plans, Odoo also offers a one App Free Plan for users who wish to utilise only one of the many apps that Odoo offers.

We understand if you are reading a business article like this we expect you want to solve more in your business than one thing, so it’s likely the free Odoo version will be useless to you. Even if you have inventory issues, you still need the Sales or POS app to sell your inventory and the Purchase app to buy it. The One App Free isn’t likely to help a real business, but it’s worth it to get Odoo noticed as the other pricing options are worth looking at. 

The two paid versions allow users to access unlimited apps to utilise a range of functions and connect your business and streamline its data flow. 

Let’s take a quick look at how the two pricing plans, Standard, and Custom, differ and their benefits


Odoo Standard Pricing Plan

The Standard pricing plan allows users to download and access an unlimited number of apps for a standard per-user/per-month price. This means you can use all the apps of Odoo (we mean ALL of them) without having to pay for any extra features. For example, you might start with Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing and Sales as your focus. Later, you want to add on Quality, Maintenance, PLM and CRM apps. It costs nothing extra unless you are adding more users. 

What you don’t get with the Standard plan is the ability to have external integrations, use Odoo Studio (for basic customisations) or customise your Odoo application at all. You also can’t have multi-company or utilise one of the many thousands of apps that exist, to improve Odoo from its base functionality. 

The Standard edition comes with cloud hosting included and it’s fully online, the price just goes up and down with users. 

The standard edition will be great for the small businesses that don’t have complex business processes or large teams and are happy to live with the limitations that may exist – just be happy with the way Odoo is. Truly, with v16s latest releases, Odoo is committed to being a great product on its own with excellent base features available, but sometimes it’s not enough. 

It’s for this reason that WAOConnect is likely to sell the Custom plan in most cases because we want to use the apps that your business can use to extend onto the Odoo platform, such as StarShipIT, Inventory Planner, Google Data Studio and more. Let’s look at what the Custom pricing plan includes.

Odoo Custom Pricing Plan

The Custom plan is the perfect choice for businesses that need customisations and integrations to third-party applications and platforms through custom API integrations. This is mostly medium to large businesses across various industries. 

As in the Standard plan, the Custom plan is also billed per user/per month and allows access to an unlimited number of apps along with Odoo Online / ** /On-premise/Odoo Studio/multi-company use & allows external API integrations. What does this all mean? 

The Custom edition of Odoo can be customised if you want to. You can create custom document templates, and custom reports and add features to Odoo if you don’t like the way the system is in some areas. It’s our philosophy at WAO to not customise a system if we don’t have to, but we understand all businesses are different and sometimes you just want to. 

You do need to pay for hosting of your Odoo file – either paying (self-hosted) hosting fees with your subscription, or arranging hosting with a cloud server like AWS. The hosting is the most simple and enables you to increase your server performance and capacity as your business grows by increasing workers (essentially processing power in layman’s terms) and increasing your storage if you are using Odoo’s Documents module, Spreadsheets and/or Odoo Bill Digitisation OCR technology.

So, How Does the Change in Odoo Pricing Plans Affect Businesses?

Previous pricing plans offered by Odoo included a subscription fee of approximately US$20/US$24 for annual subscribers and US$25/US$30 for monthly billed subscribers. Furthermore, users were billed as per the modules they chose to subscribe to, ranging from US$12-US$72 per application.

However, since both the new pricing plans allow unlimited access to users and are instead billed per user/per month, businesses with a limited budget too can benefit from Odoo.

Will the new pricing gravely affect larger businesses with more users? 

To ensure that the new pricing does not majorly impact larger companies, Odoo offers these existing users with a large number of employees a discount to ensure they too benefit more from the restructured pricing. 

Does the discount apply only to existing customers? 

Not really. New customers are eligible to receive the discount during the 1st 12 months of their subscription. 

So with over 35 apps within the software and over 18,000 community apps (built by external parties), Odoo stands by its claim to having an app for every need. And the new Odoo pricing structure helps make this promising cloud solution widely accessible to SMEs alike.

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Odoo price

Is Odoo’s Pricing Really a Great Deal? Let’s Take a Quick Look at Some Factors.

Although commonly known as a cloud ERP system Odoo goes way beyond just ERP solutions. 

Providing a plethora of functionalities, Odoo covers services related to CRM, POS, eCommerce, electronic document signing, payroll, and more. 

While some ERP systems may include the above features, their subscriptions may start at US$999 monthly or often more. At the same time, other solutions with limited functionalities may offer subscriptions for approximately US$180 per user. Our point: if you are in the market for an ERP, at least look at Odoo’s pricing and functionality to compare to other options out there. 

With the power-packed latest version of Odoo, the Odoo v16 officially launched, and the Odoo pricing restructured, Odoo is bound to bridge gaps and reach many more businesses soon.

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