The Complete List of Tools You Need For Working Remotely

March, 2020

A lot of places around the world are getting quarantined due to the massive spread of COVID-19 virus. When a pandemic breaks out and you still need to continue in operating your business, you might need to consider having the work-from-home option for your team.

To help you choose the best tools for specific functions that are needed by remote workers, we’ve carefully chosen the best solutions for each category and compiled their features in a graph for you to be able to easily determine which option is the best for you. Whether it is for sharing documents, project management tools, collaboration tools for remote team collaboration such as sharing your screen, sharing your ideas, up to determining which is the best cloud storage to fit your needs, we got it all for you.

    1. Time Tracker
    2. File Sharing
    3. Task Management
    4. Video Chatting
    5. Password Management
    6. Real-Time Communication
    7. Documents-Spreadsheets & Presentations
    8. Customer Relationship Management
    9. Accounting System

  1. Time Tracker

The two best commonly used solutions for employee time tracking are Hubstaff & Time Doctor.

To view the complete integrations of Hubstaff, please click here and for Time Doctor, please click here.

Time Tracker

  2. File Sharing

The 3 best-recommended software solutions for file sharing are Google Drive, Dropbox & Microsoft One-Drive.

Here is a side by side chart about the comparison of both software for you to be able to choose and see which one is the best for your business.

File Sharing

  3. Task Management

The 3 best-recommended software solutions for the task management category are ASANA, Monday & Trello.

We’ve carefully compiled the features of each software on a single chart for you to be able to decide which one do you need the most.

Task Management

  4. Video Chatting

The 3 best video conferencing tools are Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet & Skype for Business.

Video Chatting

  5. Password Management

The 4 best password management solutions that are widely used today are Lastpass, Dashlane, Bitwarden & 1Password. Each feature has been carefully researched, tested and compiled in a single chart to help you to choose which one best fits your needs the most.

Password Management

  6. Real-Time Communication

The 2 best real-time communication tools for a virtual office are Slack , Google Hangouts & Skype for Business. While Skype for Business has manual integrations, Slack’s integrations can be found here & Google Hangout Integrations can be found here.

Real-Time Communication

  7. Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations

The 2 best software for documents, spreadsheets & presentations are Google Suite & Microsoft Office 365. You should be familiar with both because Google Suite is the provider of Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drive, and many other Google Office tools while Microsoft Office 365 is the provider of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and many other Microsoft Office tools.

Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations

  8. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The top 3 leading CRM tools for small to medium ranged businesses are Hubspot, Zoho & Pipedrive with their features carefully checked and compiled to the graph below in order for you to determine which one is the best for your business.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  9. Accounting System

The top 2 leading accounting solutions are Xero & Quickbooks Online.
Their integrations are too many to be placed on the chart so you can just view Xero’s integrations by clicking on this link and view Quickbook (QB) Online’s integrations by clicking on this link.

Accounting System

The tools above are the top-rated ones in their own industries. They are also the solutions which are commonly used & highly recommended by remote teams such as ours.

If you have any additional questions and concerns, or if you need help in migrating your business to the cloud, feel free to contact us by Clicking Here and we’re happy to help!

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