All WAOConnect Services

We provide Implementation, Custom API Integration, Training, Review and Repair, Customised Workflow Manuals, Research the Right Solution and WAO Dashboards.


We help migrate you from your old systems to new cloud-based systems.

Custom API Integration

Connecting two or more different cloud software solutions, so that data can be shared autonomously.

Customised Training

We provide online training and a training portal to cover all your requirements.

Review and Repair

We provide an audit/reconciliation of your existing system and help repair the system for you.

Customised Workflow Based Manuals

Developing custom workflow based on what you do every day for cloud-based systems.

Research the Right Solution

We research what the best solution is for you, and we build a demonstration to prove it.

WAO Dashboards

A custom reporting tool that can provide data to cater for daily, weekly and monthly decision making.