Find & Fix the Tech Glitches of Your 
Cloud-Based System.

Are you having trouble with data inaccuracies even whilst using cloud-based 
systems to automate your business processes? If your answer is “Yes”, a systems review is probably your best solution to identify the cause.


Are You Using Your Cloud Systems to Their Greatest Potential?

As professionals with years of experience in inventory management, accounting and cloud-based system implementations, and as business owners, we know how frustrating it can be to have inaccuracies and discrepancies in your financial data.

When your Cost Of Goods (COGs), Stock On Hand (SOH), Sales, and Purchases in your Inventory do not match up with your accounting systems like Xero, or QuickBooks, the whole purpose of automating your accounting systems may feel like a lost cause.

You may find yourself spending countless hours trying to track & trace discrepancies and mismatches in the numbers that make all the difference.

How is This Possible?

Discrepancies and Mismatching Between Data Coming in from Different Systems Can be Due to Many Reasons.
  • A data loss during data migration.
  • Inaccurately integrated systems.
  • System glitches.
  • External factors such as mistakes during data input by untrained staff.
  • Systems not aligning with your business processes.
  • Wrong systems in place.

Fix Those Glitches & Rid Your Worries.

We Have You Covered.

You can allocate staff members or hire someone to trace and rectify discrepancies monthly or periodically.
However, neither is this a permanent solution nor is it cost-effective.
The worst part is, it will keep recurring unless you identify the root cause and rectify it.

But How Can You Find The Cause?

Our Solution Engineers are geared and equipped to help you through.


What We Do.

Tracing The Cause of Inaccuracies is No Easy Task. Not Even for Us.

But, over time, with years of experience working with many clients in an array of industries, we have worked out a methodology of checks and balances and know how to sort through the enormous task and get to the end result.

Which, ofcourse is a system that best aligns with your business’s workflows.

How We Do It.

Let Us Simplify Your Implementation Process.

Investigate and find all discrepancies and explain 
how to fix them.


Explain how to avoid making the current mistakes in the future, and deliver training for your operational staff (a training portal can be provided for an additional charge)


Suggest best workflow practices.

Sit Back & Relax While We Do the Hard Work.

Let’s fix those system glitches & maximise your performance.
Experienced Experts

Why Choose WAO?


With years of experience in working with an array of cloud based systems and helping clients in many industries, we at WAO are well acquainted with the systems and know exactly how each system function within different business models.

Backed by 

Our expert teams consist of professionals in the IT field as well as Accountants who know the process inside out. Not only do they trace the discrepancies, they also provide workarounds to prevent future setbacks, and if necessary suggest system integrations or optimisations to enhance performance.

Experts in System Knowledge

Our expertise in cloud-based systems to automate your accounting, inventory management. eCommerce processes, 
data extraction and more, helps us 
decide which systems or integrations can provide a comprehensive solution to best suit your business.


What Industries Do We Work With?

We work with businesses in many industries, carrying out 
cloud-based system implementation for wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and eCommerce businesses.

And we don’t stop there.

We gladly take up challenges to help hybrids of all the above or multichannel companies. We even take on the modern companies with a mixture of wholesale, eCommerce like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, EDI, 3PL, and retail combined in one company.

It’s our specialty.


Which Size Clients Do We Usually Operate With?

We take care of all your cloud-based implementation processes, helping clients from small to medium-sized businesses to 
growing businesses expanding themselves to other countries.

Curious to Know How Else We Can Help?

Research the Correct Solution.

We conduct a Discovery Call to ascertain your requirements.
We make it a point to understand you & your business, taking time to recognise 
your pain points and study your business’s unique workflows to provide you with customised solutions that best fit your business requirements.

Cloud-Based System Implementation.

We provide you with comprehensive cloud-based system implementations by following a carefully structured process designed for your business.

We ensure that the system is implemented to its full potential with minimum disruption to your daily business routines, making it a point to ensure an accurate and smooth transition from your old system to the newly implemented system.

API Integrations.

Want to keep an existing system while implementing another cloud-based system to streamline your other business processes? Or want to customise your existing system to fit your business processes?

No worries, not only will we help you implement the new system. We will also integrate it with any existing system or if necessary customise it to allow data to flow smoothly, increasing efficiency and productivity.

We are Here to Simplify Your Journey.

Find Out How We Can Help You.