Research the Correct Solution

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Research & Demonstration covers a number of solutions to work out what would work the best for your requirements. We do the hard work of taking the time to research the correct solution. In this process, we get a sample base of your data, and custom build the demonstration, so that you can see your own information in the software demonstrated. We advise you, upfront, in the demonstration phase about the pros and cons of the system and provide workarounds for those features not natively available in the out of the box solution. Ultimately, WhichAddOn helps you decide on the solution!

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Do i Have to Pay for This Service?Yellow Arrow 03

Yes, typically our demonstration process costs around $500-2000, as they are very comprehensive, and we take great care in creating the demonstrations based on your data.

We do come onsite if that is important to you to complete a demonstration. This has an additional charge.

How is the Demonstration Done?
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We use Zoom meeting, a state of the art software solution, to screenshare with you, and go through the demonstration.

Is The Demonstration Interactive?
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Yes, and we encourage it to be. The more questions you ask, the better. Most demonstrations typically lasts for a minimum of 2 hours and have been known to take an entire day for large systems.

What’s Involved in The Process?

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Typically, we would do the following:

A FREE scope call is provided where we discuss your requirements in detail

A FREE scope call is provided where we discuss your requirements in detail

Upon payment of the demonstration invoice, work is commenced by building the demonstration.

This is meticulously re-created in a solution that we think best fits your requirements.

Demonstration is provided (either online or onsite)

If you are not happy with that, an alternate solution is provided and demonstrated until you are satisfied.

If you wish for us to provide implementation services, we send you a fixed proposal and upon acceptance, the implementation begins. You are under no obligation to use our services with no appropriate proposal.

Book Free Discovery Call

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Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our faithful clients.

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More WhichAddOn Services

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Research Solutions

We help migrate you from your old system to a new cloud-based system.

API Integration

Connecting two or more different cloud software solutions, so that data can be shared autonomously.

Types of Training

We provide onsite, online and training portals to cover all your requirements.

Review and Repair
Review and Repair

We provide an audit/reconciliation of your system and help repair the system for you..

Workflow Manuals
Workflow Manuals

Developing custom workflow based on what you do every day for cloud-based systems.