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What Are The Major Problems With Cin7?

Cin7 is one of the more established cloud inventory management systems in the market, however, Cin7 in the past that has been fraught with problems. The major issues many clients face and are frustrated with are in the following areas:

Poor setup from Cin7’s onboarding team.

EDI and 3PL setups that take forever and then still don’t work.

Bugs, Cin7 timing out and the software crashing.

Cin7’s support and training not been that thorough or great.

Customizations by Cin7 causing more crashes and sometimes just not working.

Accounting system (Xero) and Cin7 not reconciling.

Accounting system (Xero) and Cin7 not reconciling.

Cin7 pricing package changes.

Let Us Explain Them Better

Bugs and the software crashing

If the system is not configured correctly often Cin7 has a screen similar to the blue screen of death you see in a lot of Windows based systems. Those that have used Cin7 know how often this happens. It can be a point of frustration for you and your team. These issues can be caused by a myriad of issues, from poor setup, dependent fields not being filled out, too many customisations or just Cin7’s database just having a dummy spat. 

It takes a bit of navigating through the Cin7 landscape to fix these, but it can be done, years of experience working with Cin7 gives us a slight advantage in fixing these troublesome issues. 

Poor setup from Cin7’s onboarding team

This one is quite self explanatory and has probably caused Cin7 more bad publicity than anything. The root cause is that they often bite off more than they can choose, and then expect to implement the solution in a very unrealistic time frame. The lack of time and resources, leads to high staff turnovers, internal staff get overwhelmed, which ends up with you having a very poor experience. 

What was promised to be a “cheaper”, quicker alternative. Ends up costing you far more with stress, and loss to your business. Do you research and find a good implementation partner, there are only a handful out there, so it shouldn’t be that hard. We have implemented and fixed many jobs over the years, chat with our sales team and let us prove we know what we are talking about. 

EDI and 3PL setups that take forever and then still don’t work

Again very similar to the above issue. Too many jobs in the pipeline, unrealistic expectations of it taking a few weeks, to a maximum of a month. These expectations are incorrect, and only promised to get sales through. The reality is that it takes 2-3 months, the worst I have seen took almost 9 months. There is a lot of testing and working with EDI partners and 3PL’s, that takes a degree of time. Especially if you have very unique processes, the more unique the process the longer it is going to take. If the EDI connection is brand new, ie Cin7 has never done it before, expect upto 4 months. We have a lot of experience testing scenarios and ensuring your proper workflow is understood and tested, and we set realistic expectations of time and the effort it takes to ensure things go seamlessly. The alternative can end up being an absolute nightmare.

Cin7’s support and training not been that thorough or great

High staff turnover is probably the root cause of this, and is a constant point of frustration. At WAOConnect we get highly tier 3 support directly to Cin7 and we can resolve issues much quicker. On top of that our staff are very experienced with a lot of issues and can resolve these very rapidly, and show you how to avoid issues in the future. We take the time to give you the support you require. 

Customizations by Cin7 causing more crashes and sometimes just not working

One of Cin7s positives is that they allow a lot of customisation. The downside is that often these customisations are not fully tested and are a knee jerk response to keep clients happy. This sometimes, depending on the complexity of the customisations, causes other problems in the software. The fix is identifying what the root cause is of the problem, and also extensively testing customisations prior to going live with it.

Support/Onboarding staff changing and as a result providing poor assistance

If we received a nickel for every complaint about the onboarding process/team we would be very well off. Again this is due to staff turnover, too many jobs, and unrealistic expectations, as discussed above. Get yourself a Cin7 partner who has a team of more than one (1), who knows what they are doing.

Accounting system (ie Xero) and Cin7 not reconciling

A complex issue of where Sales, Purchases, COGS, Stock and Hand, and adjustments don’t always marry up. As accountants we understand this well, and have created our own unique methodology to fixing this issue, or I should say to understand what the issues are. I know many clients and even accountants have spent hours in frustration trying to reconcile the accounting system with Cin7. This is a problem with Cin7 that can be solved with patience and training. Reach out and we will help you and even show you how to do it yourself in the future.

Cin7 pricing changes

I won’t say much about this, other than it can be a pain, when from one day to the next your annual subscription can jump anywhere from 10%-80%. It sucks but it can be a reality for you. My advice is go back and argue the point, the pricing is very flexible and I have seen large discounts of the same magnitude as the price increase. 

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