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WAO Connect is a custom portal and as such this is reflected in the variable pricing model that we have.
We charge per dashboard we create. Each dashboard is priced as per the below table


Our Pricing Plans

Initial Scope & Setup Costs

* Our dashboards can have up to 30 graphs or data points per dashboard, so we can fit quite a lot of information.

* The issue is if you have a number of different managers in different areas, ie Marketing, Finance, Warehouse, Human resources, etc. That’s when you need to have separate dashboards for different teams.

* For most small businesses in the $500k to $5 million mark, most of the time you will only need one to perhaps 5.

* For medium-sized companies, with a few different layers of management, you will need probably 5-10 dashboards, these
businesses will be turning over $10-$25 million a year.

* Those large businesses that require 10 plus dashboards, have many layers of management and will require lots of specific
dashboards for both internal staffs, TV monitors, etc. These companies typically turnover anywhere between $25-$100 million.

* We do cater for the $100 million plus companies, but typically these companies tend to build their own platforms.

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