Odoo ERP, Link All Your Business Departments in One System for Better Visibility and Productivity.

Innovative Cloud Solution to Maximise Performance and Visibility Across Your Entire Business.

With over Seven Million users from around the globe, Odoo cloud-based ERP system, helps you make sense of what’s going on in your business, making way for better decisions.

It is a comprehensive ERP system with an array of applications, or modules, engineered in a holistic approach to link different departments & record their functions systematically.

Odoo, which entered the software market back in 2005 as TinyERP, was designed by the drive to disrupt the over-priced & complicated existing ERP solutions.

clearer accurate visual

Odoo ERP & How it Came to Be.

Odoo ERP is a futuristic ERP system designed to provide a clearer accurate visual of your entire business, its functions, and resources within a single application.

You can read more about Odoo’s story here.

With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with many business modules, the WAO Connect founders chose Odoo as a suitable solution to offer to its traditional Xero-based customers wanting an ERP solution to grow into after using Xero and it’s addon options.

Odoo’s ability for customisation enables businesses to link thousands of external applications and software programs, creating a cost-effective strategic system to cater to your business requirements.

“I needed to change the world. I wanted to …
You know how it is when you are young; you have big dreams, a lot of energy and naive stupidity. My dream was to lead the enterprise management market with fully open-source software.”

Fabien Pinckaers

Our experts at WAO manage minor customisations to Odoo, enabling the system to fit unique workflows or
industry-specific requirements that often can’t be solved by other “out of the box” software that cannot be customised for your business.

Odoo ERP
Odoo ERP Covers it All

What’s more?

Apart from connecting your business departments through one software, Odoo also allows you to connect to your existing solutions.

Along with comprehensive ERP solutions, Odoo also facilitates content management.

It offers flexible services for eCommerce systems and a variety of business modules & facilitates linking a list of internal departments such as finance, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, CRM, POS, project management, marketing & digital marketing, warehouse management, HR, and many more.

Want to Keep Your Existing System & Still Get Odoo ERP?

No worries at all!

If you wish to keep your existing software yet move to a more powerful system, WAO has already built connections to Shopify, Magento, StarShipIt, Shipstation, and multiple 3PLs across Australia, NZ and Europe, Channel Advisor and many more.

Curious to Know the Why’s & How’s of Odoo?

Dive in and read on.

The WAO-Odoo ERP Experience for Smart Businesses

Combining Innovation & Integration for Optimum Performance.

At WAO, we ensure our clients are geared and ready to yield the optimum results by following a carefully planned implementation process and a detailed procedure.

With every Odoo implementation or optimisation project, WAO provides integration mapping, helping you visualise how your systems work together.

To help your teams understand the new processes and manage the change we also provide you with detailed workflow maps & comprehensive training,

We are located in Sydney, Australia and vetted for excellence by our clients for our experties in Odoo implementations.

We Are Here to Simplify
Your Journey

Want to know HOW?

Odoo ERP offers an array of features and together with the
services offered at WAO Connect we make what you once thought
impossible, absolutely possible.
Modular & App Based

WAO Connect, Adding Value With Our Expert Services

The success or failure of a system implementation depends on the process the business chooses to follow.

Choosing to cut across an implementation process, not paying enough attention to minute details or cutting down on resources may cause the system to fail.

So, how to ensure a proper implementation?

Setting up a custom plan and paying attention to every aspect of the process is crucial.

Avoiding doing so may result in the business incurring severe losses financially in terms of losing time and other resources needed to rectify the situation.

As experts in Odoo implementations, we at WAO, follow a comprehensively structured implementation process covering all aspects, from solution finding, customising, implementing, testing, training, support & more to ensure a proper system implementation.


The WAO-Odoo Gold Partnership

From Silver to Gold the partnership grows with WAO upgrading and becoming an official Gold partner of Odoo, as we continue to ensure our clients have a “WAO” (we say “Wow”) Odoo experience that is efficient, smooth, reliable, and tested to succeed.

Do you have questions? We don’t just provide answers, we provide comprehensive solutions.

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