Introducing ooPay, Powered by KeyPay. The WAO Implementation Experience.

Perform payroll tasks, ensure compliance, manage your workforce and more, within a single platform with our team of KeyPay Implementation experts at WAO.


ooPay? Or KeyPay?

ooPay, is Payroll, Rostering and Time and Attendance Excellence for Product-Based Businesses.

After years of implementing KeyPay, WAO joined forces with KeyPay to become partners in 2022, and officially launch ooPay, powered by KeyPay.

At WAO, we are experts in helping businesses that manage products. We know that to manage your products, you need people. People in field sales, in retail stores and in the warehouse, to get those products in and out of your business.

ooPay, Powered by KeyPay is simply using the power of KeyPay’s proven platform in servicing businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Do you spend countless hours on rostering? Manual transferring timesheets to pay runs? Wondering if staff are actually at work?

Are you tired of trying to keep up with ever-changing employment legislations, STP (Single Touch Payroll) changes and running payroll every single week being a full-time job or taking up an entire day of your finance team’s time?

It’s Probably Time to Switch to ooPay, Powered by KeyPay.

Streamline employee management and payroll processes and enjoy simplified payroll using a cloud-based system that can keep all your payroll information at your fingertips anywhere you are.

Offering a list of functionalities for easy rostering, real-time shift budgeting, leave management, workforce management and more, ooPay, Powered by KeyPay is worth having a look at.

The innovative cloud-based system offers businesses of all walks the luxury of simplified payroll and employee management through a user-friendly interface, saving a large chunk of time & money.

An Innovative Platform with 
Seamless Possibilities to Automate Your Payroll Journey.


User Friendly

Easy Rostering

STP Compliant

Automated Pay Runs

Automatic Award Calculations

Workforce Management

Seamless Connection

ooPay implementation

ooPay, Powered By KeyPay, Implementation, Integration, Training & More.

Maximise Efficiency in Payroll Processes, Workforce Management & More, While Watching Your Business Grow.

Sounds good, right?

But first, you need to make sure you set it up right.

A successful ooPay implementation requires careful planning and a process tried & tested.

It requires paying great attention to the most minute detail, and a proper understanding of the system’s capabilities. You don’t want to mix up staff data or give them the wrong pay slips or payments on your first payroll in the new system.

Our experts with years of experience have developed a process that covers not only implementation but focuses on accurate data migration, optimisation & training.

A sensitive business process such as payroll needs to be handled with utmost accuracy and perfection. WAO, with our years of experience & expertise, help you implement ooPay, Powered by KeyPay, taking the stress out of your implementation journey.

What’s more?

We specialise in integrating ooPay, Powered by KeyPay into powerful accounting systems like Xero, HR systems like BambooHR or ERPs like Odoo and more through native or custom API integrations.

To learn more about ooPay, Powered by KeyPay & its integration to Odoo, please take a look at Odoo & KeyPay. For STP Compliant Payroll & More.

Let’s Find Out How Our ooPay, Powered by KeyPay Implementation Works!

Inventory management

Systematic Implementation of Innovative Payroll Solutions.

The WAO Journey.
Free Discovery Call.

Understanding your business, workflows, and pain points helps ensure we keep in line with all your requirements throughout the implementation.

Personalised Demonstrations.

We request data and provide personalised demonstrations as to how the system will function once implemented.


Next, we share a proposal covering all services provided to successfully help you implement, optimise & utilise Oopay, powered by KeyPay.

Updating Data.

Then, we update pay details, employee details, employee obligations, leave balances, year to-date balances, STP obligations & superannuation rules, etc.


Provide customised training manuals made available through an online portal. We also, provide fundamental training through online workshops.

Mirrored Testing.

Two pay runs prior to Go Live, we mirror rostering & pay runs parallel to the existing system to ensure accuracy & reliability.

Go Live.

Once the mirrored testing proves accurate, we set up the system within your server ready for implementation.

Intensive Support.

A pre-determined intensive support period will be allocated, during which, our customer care teams will provide live support as and when needed.

We ensure our clients have a “WAO” (we say “Wow”) implementation experience, efficient, smooth, reliable, & tested to succeed.

Let Us Simplify Your Implementation Process.
Experienced Experts

Why Choose WAO?

Highly Experienced

With years of experience in working with an array of cloud based systems and helping clients in many industries, we at WAO are well acquainted with the systems and know exactly how each system function within different business models.

Backed by Professionals

The WAO expert teams consist of professionals in the IT field as well as Accountants who know the process inside out. Not only do they trace the discrepancies, they also provide workarounds to prevent future setbacks, and if necessary suggest system integrations or optimisations to enhance performance.

Experts in System Knowledge

Our expertise in cloud-based systems to automate your accounting, inventory management. eCommerce processes, 
data extraction and more, helps us 
decide which systems or integrations can provide a comprehensive solution to best suit your business.


Industries We Have Helped.

  1. eCommerce
  2. Wholesale
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Food & Beverage
  5. Fashion & Apparel
  6. Health & Beauty
  7. Retail

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