WAO Connect Implementation

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We help migrate you from your old inventory management system to a new system.
Usually, the following scenarios apply:


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You are using an older enterprise resource planning (ERP) legacy-based system, and you want to move into the cloud.


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You use an older accounting system that is server/desktop-based, and it’s time to move to a cloud-based system.


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You already have a cloud-based system, have outgrown it, and need to move into a more powerful cloud-based system.

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Do you onlyimplement cloud-based solutions?

Yes, we only implement cloud-based solutions.

What size clients do you typically work with?

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We work with established companies. They range from companies that are opening up subsidiaries in other countries (that’s the closest to a startup we deal with), right up to companies in the $50-100 million threshold who have broad and complex requirements and everything in-between.

The main industries we work with are wholesale, retail, manufacturing, e-Commerce and our specialty, hybrids of all the above. We love the challenge of a hybrid or a multi-channel company, i.e. wholesale, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, EDI, 3PL, and retail, all in one company.

So, what does the process look like? And, how long does it take?

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The process is quite comprehensive and, as such, cannot be rushed. Typically an install takes around 3-4months. In an emergency and under the right conditions, this can be shortened to 2-3 weeks (considering that all the client information is readily available, and it is a simple install, with no connections to other systems, etc).

The shortened installs are quite rare, as we do not recommend them, as it means bypassing our normal process, which usually causes more problems in the change management process down the track.

Our process typically looks like this:

Step 1
We conduct a scope/consultation call to ascertain your requirements.

Step 2
We do research & demonstrate a number of solutions to work out what would work the best for you.

Step 3
We help you decide on the solution, and choose a go live date. Go live dates are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Step 4
A fixed quote is sent to you, covering the implementation (pre-go-live workshops, data migration, post go live-workshops), raining, and support.

Step 5
Upon acceptance, we request access to your data, or you send it to us.

Step 6
We, then, review the data and organize a time to discuss each data set (takes about 3-6 meetings) with your team to ensure that we understand what we are migrating across.

Step 7
We also map your internal processes and configure the system accordingly. As per our step two, we provide workaround’s for certain processes that are not native in the system.

Step 8
We produce Customized Training Manuals, workflow maps – all in a convenient online portal that you or your staff can access at any time.

Step 9
We deliver fundamental training in online workshops. These workshops give your team a more complete understanding of the new system.

Step 10
We invite your company users into the online training portal to work through at their own pace.

Step 11
Our quality assurance manager will test the new system to ensure that all areas are prepared for go live.

Step 12
Prior to go live, any open orders (Purchase Orders/Sales Orders) are imported into the new system, and a stock take is organized, which will be imported prior to your go live date.

Step 13
If you chose to have an onsite visit to help manage the highly stressful time of changeover, WAOConnect staff will be present to guide you through the initial transition.

Step 14
Post Go-Live, we provide weekly workshops to brainstorm any changes or issues that might arise. These can extend for up to 5-6 weeks until you are completely happy and comfortable.

Step 15
We provide continued support when you email our customer care team. Support begins from go-live and lasts for the period of your choosing (usually 3 months).

As you see there is a lot of thought into our process, and we have a large team to ensure that you get the very best service possible.

How Much Does it Cost?

Do you Provide Alternate Payment Arrangements?

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$14-16k / $70k

Small jobs typically cost around $14-16k, with the largest being $70k plus.

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Our demonstration process also costs around $500-2000. As they are very comprehensive, and we take great care in creating the demonstrations based on your data.

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We do provide finance options and extended payment terms for Australian-based companies, and for overseas clients, we provide extended payment terms only.

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It is a highly customized process, so the best way to get an accurate quote is to talk to our sales staff.


Book Free Discovery Call

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Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our faithful clients.

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