Free Health Check!

Put your Logistics Capabilities to the Test!

Is Your Inventory Profitable, or is It a
Major Cost Centre?

Is it your inventory running as efficiently as possible, or are there key areas that need some attention? Does your inventory reconcile? Simply put, is your inventory healthy or not? If you know what your averages are and where you fall short, but can’t figure out how to locate the problem…

Then it’s Time to Perform a Health Check.

Take back control of your business inefficiencies, limitations and blind spots with the WAOConnect Health Check Offer. WAOConnect is offering a free inventory assessment and health check-up for businesses looking for an objective report on their inventory health.

Never again feel frustrated with a lack of reporting or understanding when it comes to your inventory.

The WAOConnect Health Check Offer will offer you a
complimentary report that outlines the following areas:

  • Inventory Management
  • Accurate Warehouse Efficiency
  • Product Margins
  • Basic Cash Flow
  • Potential Overstocks / Understocks
  • Recommendations

Designed for
Product-Based Businesses

At the end of the Health Check process, you’ll receive a Health Check report prepared
by our team – giving you the confidence and clarity to improve your productivity, inventory, workflow and more.

Your business will be more profitable, efficient and valuable, ready to go where you want it to go.

Benefits of a Health Check

Be Ready

Ensure you are ready for the next tax season before your accountant.


Reconcile your inventory system with your accounting system.

Get Advice

Get expert advice on system usage and inventory management methods.


Receive recommendations to improve your business procedures and health.

Do I need the
Health Check Offer?

If you have a product-based business and find yourself losing faith in your current systems or processes or simply just don’t know if what you are doing is right – then, the Health Check offer is the perfect start. You have to have confidence in your inventory accuracy and your systems in order to make the right decisions on what to buy and why to ensure you don’t overbuy or commit cash to stock you don’t need.

The free independent report shows you how your business is performing and is designed to highlight the core areas of your business and provide you with advice and strategies to improve each focus area. Let your staff get on with the day-to-day routine, while you keep an eye on the finer details of running a profitable business.

What is
the Process?

When you take up the Health Check, our Cloud Architect will:

1. Evaluate

And review your business objectives regarding inventory initiatives, including a forecast of upcoming business.

2. Examine

And analyse your existing inventory and account environments including integration configurations, database and workflows.

3. Establish

And identify performance bottlenecks and risks that could negatively impact the system performance.

4. Explore

Gaps in workflows and technology.

5. Evaluate

And expand on business and system processes.

6. Explicate

On industry best practices to determine if opportunities exist to improve operation and system processes.

The Report Include?

The free Health Check report


The free health check is not a financial report or official audit. It will highlight the inconsistencies with your inventory management and operational systems, which will then be reconciled to your accounting systems. The health check will provide insights to help improve your customer service and customer happiness by keeping your warehouse efficiently and accurately.


A $2,750

(Approx. US $2125)

Will outline the results from the review of your systems. We will provide you with a thorough understanding of:

  • Your Most Efficient Processes.
  • Where you Can Improve Productivity.
  • How to Improve your Inventory Accuracy.
  • Potential Workflow Improvements.
  • And Highlight Any Problem Areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems do you work with?

WAOConnect is a team of inventory management and accounting experts. We can essentially complete the Business Health Check on any system provided we can be provided with the data we need from you. However, to deliver the report to you in the ideal time of 3 days, you will need to be using one or more of the following systems we specialise in:

Xero, QuickBooks Online, Tradegecko (QuickBooks Commerce), Unleashed, Locate Inventory, DEAR Inventory, Cin7, Inventory, Planner, ShipStation, StarShipIT, MRPEasy, Katana
, Odoo.

If you use other systems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask how long it will take.

What industries can you work with?

As long as your business is a product-based business dealing with inventory or stock of some kind, we can do a Health Check. There is no limit to the industries.

How long will the free Health Check take?

The initial meeting will take about 60 minutes. Following that, once we have received the correct information, the report will take approximately 3 days to generate. The report is shared with you as soon as it is ready.

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How Does it Work?

Health Check Consultation

We’ll ask you a series of questions, and have a look at your systems and processes. The initial meeting will take about 60 minutes. The result will be a free report outlining your business health.

Annual Business Health Checkup

Maintaining your business health is an ongoing process. If you are serious about better inventory and business health, you should complete a Health Checkup at least once a year.

The Free Health Check Offer was designed by Inventory Management expert, Jeri Wambeek, and the creator of the Stock Control Success (SCS) Method for perfect inventory management for a profitable product-based business.


All you have to do is click below to begin your Business Health Check or ask us any questions.

TIME TO GET STARTED Why your Business Health Matters

Jeri explains why the Health Check matters and can help you understand hidden risks and opportunities.