Automate your Debtor Management
with EzyCollect.

Thousands of business operators choose ezyCollect because it helps them get the job done best. It’s easy to adopt, user-friendly and boasts a powerful suite of tools.

When you’re a Large Wholesaler with 1000’s of Accounts, Chasing Money is a Full Time Job.

You’re methodically chasing up accounts, usually via email, then phone, making notes, gauging who to call, and what needs to be escalated. Imagine having your debtor management process automated…

Automating your debtor management is not new. There are quite a few options available, but Ezycollect tends to stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Ezycollect was developed to assist small and mid-sized businesses to take control of their accounts receivables and debtor management processes by going automated. It was made to help you get paid faster.

Does It Work?

We know it works, because we use it ourselves! Our average payment time dropped from 43 days to 9 days!! Our cashflow went from being anaemic to being able to self fund ourselves through Covid 19. Instead of having to dip into overdrafts and government loans, we have largely reduced our liabilities and had the funds to expand our business.

One of its
Prominent Features.

Its seamless integration with Xero, Netsuite, and MYOB; which are the most used accounting applications worldwide. This helps automate the debtor management process, ensuring the accuracy of your invoices and other financial aspects of your business with less time and effort spent by you and your team.

By using ezyCollect, you don’t have to worry about overdue invoices. No more need to print out your AR and scribble notes and when to call people back.

The system can keep track of all the debtors and what they owe your business. It automatically sends a follow-up to your debtors. And since the software takes care of going after your debtors instead of you, it gives you more time to do what matters.

EzyCollect Gives your Customers Easier Ways to
Pay and Settle Their Invoices.

A custom “Pay Now” button can be added to your invoices, statements, and emails in three easy steps. Upon getting their invoice, they can immediately pay the amount they owe with a simple click of a button.

We are a proud ezyCollect
Partner in Australia.

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