One system, multiple applications

Would DEAR Inventory be a good fit for your business?

A WAOConnect Solutions Architect can help you determine if DEAR Inventory is the right solution for your business.

Your Journey

Have you been burnt by other software, outgrown your existing system, or perhaps even starting to build volume in your
business which means you actually need a more automated way of doing things? You are probably saying to yourself at this point, “There has to be a better way”!

DEAR Inventory could be what you are looking for, but to be certain, let one of our trained Solutions Architects assist you to make sure that it is the correct solution for your specific business requirements.

A good inventory management system should be able to:

      • Manage all products, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases, and sales in one easy-to-use system.
      • All-in-one platform to help manage growing businesses..
      • Control your entire operation through centralized order and inventory management, integrated Point of Sale, mobile Warehouse Management and out of the box integrations to leading marketplaces, shipping services, and accounting applications.

The power of multi-module DEAR inventory management software can take your business to the next level when implemented by the trained experts at WAOConnect.

Keep the moving parts of your business all in one location, while automating time-consuming tasks, whether you are in eCommerce, retail, wholesale, or manufacturing.

Let us help you figure out which inventory management system will suit you as we work through the complexities of your business.
We compare one solution against another or a few depending on its relevance to your business!
WAOConnect helps you find the right solution that best fits your requirements.

What Industries does DEAR Inventory work best in?

DEAR Inventory works particularly well for many different industries, especially the following:



Simplify order control and streamline fulfillment for any form of wholesaler: from small shops to huge retail chains. Decrease your workload, manage your transport cut-off dates and forecast accurately as your wholesale business grows.



Manage stock and orders in real-time. Perfect your omnichannel customer experience while managing your physical retail locations and online store front.



Seamlessly manage all of your orders, listings, and SKUs. Experience efficient and smooth fulfillment for customers across a variety of channels.



Monitor inventory levels in real time, manage inventory in multiple warehouses. Reduce inventory costs and improve tracking from the floor to the warehouse.