DEAR Inventory Rebrands As Cin7 Core

January, 2023

Cin7 Rebrands 2021 Acquisitions Under Its Unified Name

If you are a Cin7, DEAR Inventory, or Orderhive user you probably know of the Cin7 acquisitions of the latter cloud solutions in 2021.

At WAO, we haven’t worked closely with Orderhive, however, DEAR Inventory we work with every day, helping clients in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

On the 9th of January 2023, Cin7 announced its decision to bring DEAR Inventory system under its unified brand name of Cin7. Moving forward, DEAR Inventory (also known as DEAR Systems) will be known as Cin7 Core. 

The decision comes to light as an effort to boost sales and secure the position of Cin7 as a leader in the cloud IMS & e-commerce solution industry. 

Cin7’s COO, David Leach states that the rebranding was a necessity to cut down on duplicating costs on marketing, sales and partnership resources.

As per their website, social media platforms and emails sent to existing customers, going forward the Cin7 software itself will be referred to as Cin7 Omni & DEAR Inventory will take up the brand name of Cin7 Core, while Orderhive will function under the name, Cin7 Orderhive.

As per COO, David Leach, this rebranding will not affect the product itself, its performance or its functionalities.

How Will the Rebranding Affect Users or Potential Users? 

The good news is it won’t affect current users!

As Cin7 reveals, the rebranding will have no affect on their current users. 

“Customers who know and love DEAR — now Cin7 Core — can be assured that the product remains the same, with a redoubled focus on usability and customer experience,” says COO, David Leach.

Yet, potential DEAR Inventory customers might find it a bit confusing when choosing between Cin7 Omni & Cin7 Core (formerly known as DEAR Inventory).

How to Identify DEAR on Cin7

However, though the branding has changed for DEAR Inventory systems, you will notice that the DEAR Inventory website functions as usual with the DEAR support, knowledge base and other sections still carrying the former brand name DEAR & its logo.

But, if you take a closer look you will also notice that the current DEAR logo does carry a tagline stating “is becoming Cin7 Core”. The total branding is likely to change systematically over the coming weeks and months. 

For those DEAR Inventory System lovers, here is how you can navigate to the DEAR site through Cin7.

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