DEAR Systems,
Get Real-Time Visibility of Your Inventory and Sales.

DEAR Inventory, helps you take control and have better visibility of your overall inventory from a centralised point and allows integration with other external applications too.

DEAR Inventory

End the Hassles of Managing Stock

Replace your multiple spreadsheets and connect your existing systems.

DEAR Inventory is a comprehensive cloud-based inventory management solution that is flexible, powerful, and budget-friendly for the growing product-based business.

When inventory is a major part of your business, your stock becomes the main focus and having control over the constantly moving stock can be frustrating and overwhelming.

DEAR Inventory, designed to suit a variety of small to medium-sized businesses, helps you take control and have better visibility of your overall inventory from a centralised point.

It consists of an array of modules such as sales, purchasing, production, reporting and more.

What’s More? DEAR Inventory allows businesses to integrate with other external applications such as Xero, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, QuickBooks, and more. See all DEAR’s integrations here.

DEAR Inventory
Inventory management

Can DEAR Help Your Business Function Better?

If you are a growing business with processes involving manufacturing, eCommerce, retailing or wholesales with multiple warehouse locations, DEAR can be the ideal Inventory management system for you.
Why choose DEAR?
DEAR is a user-friendly platform offering you multiple functionalities to streamline and automate the
inventory management processes of your business at a budget-friendly cost.
Its simplicity and high functionality takes off the stress and saves time from manually handling complicated inventory management processes and order management processes.
Helps keep track of stock that is moving into, out of and around your business from a central point.
Allows efficient recording of movement in stock through barcode scanning.
Reduces the risk of running out of stock by automatically syncing product stock over multiple channels.
Accurate forecasts and summaries help avoid overstocking and provide accurate assessments of the actual costs of goods, helping you structure better pricing policies.
Automatic generation of SKUs helps track raw material stocks and stocks of finished goods with minimum effort.
variety of departments

What Departments Can DEAR
Help Optimise?

Let’s Dive-In & Find Out.


Record your entire purchasing process and access crucial information like supplier history, price history & summaries with ease to better forecast future activities.


Power your manufacturing decisions with insightful up-to-date information to review, forecast and develop effective pricing strategies and more.


Keeping track of stocks, sales and your sales teams through a single platform. Get all the accurate data you need to streamline your sales process with just a few clicks.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Track order statuses, keep a tab on your inventory and manage stock levels of extensive lines of products consisting of multiple variations, with ease.
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Simplify your warehouse management processes and maximise productivity with functionalities like wireless barcode scanning system, guided walking paths for easy pick-up, order discrepancy alerts and more.


Optimise, simplify and automate your eCommerce functions with native integration into common eCommerce platforms. Automate the entire process from order placement to packing and shipping while updating stock levels automatically.
system implementation

Add the WAO (WOW) Touch

Get DEAR Inventory Setup Right The First Time.

We save you from the hassles of system configuration, stressful hours trying to learn the system, training your entire workforce, and more.

Being DEAR partners for Australia, NZ and many other countries, we know, with the right support and training, DEAR Inventory can help your business grow and take your business to the next level.

At WAO, we fuel your business and guide you through system implementation and migration by following a carefully planned process.

We at WAO provide you with integration mapping helping you visualise how your systems work together.

We also provide detailed workflow maps to help your teams understand the new processes and manage the change.
And we don’t stop there.

Our teams of experienced solution engineers will assess your unique requirements and guide you through how best you can customise DEAR.

We also advise you on external applications & software once integrated with DEAR would maximise results.

Taking it a step further, we provide customised user training through videos along with customised training manuals for future reference.

We Are Here to Simplify Your Journey.

Want to know HOW?

Combining the Best of Both Worlds.

Two Power Tools, Integrated Onto One Platform. The Outcome is a Superior Business Solution for Small to Medium Businesses.

While DEAR inventory management system streamlines and simplifies your inventory management processes, integrating it with Xero, a powerful cloud-based accounting system, will help yield more comprehensive results through one system.

And the best part is, WAO takes care of it all.

Powerful Integration Build Comprehensive Solutions.

For a WAO (WOW) Experience.
Achieve perfection

We Go That Extra Mile

To ensure you gain maximum benefit from implementing DEAR inventory management systems, our WAO team will provide you with,

  • API development, customisation, & third-party integration.
  • Careful data migration.
  • Customised training & consultancy.
  • Continuous support.

We understand that there is no easy way to achieve perfection. Thus, take great care when mapping out the procedure to follow. We pay attention to the most minute details and don’t hold back when testing prior to implementation.

If you want your business matrices to move in the projected direction and fast, you need to ensure fail-proof implementation, integration, data migration and exceptional training.

As expert DEAR Implementation partners, we at WAO help you do exactly that.

You Have Questions? We Don't just Provide Answers, We Provide Comprehensive Solutions.

Let’s Build Toghether.
WAO implemented industries

Industries We Have Worked With

Learn More About How We Help Businesses Just Like You.


Streamlining eCommerce business processes by linking your sales platforms with powerful cloud-based systems to stay organised


Track, monitor and automate your wholesale operations in just a few clicks with powerful cloud-based inventory management tools.


Enjoy the power of cloud-based inventory management, by managing production scheduling, inventory, sales, and more through one centralised platform.


Enjoy smart inventory management with powerful cloud-based systems that help automate & streamline your retail business processes.
Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

With a powerful inventory management system, you can now be sure to cook up perfect delicacies and serve your customers the freshest dishes every time.
Fashion & Apparel

Fashion & Apparel

Automate & streamline your inventory management processes, access real-time data and boost your brand image in style by enhancing efficiency throughout your business.
Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Get your inventory management system into perfect shape with powerful cloud-based solutions that automate and enhance your business's productivity.