Customized Workflow Manuals

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With years of experience in implementing countless systems such as Cin7, DEAR, Unleashed and TradeGecko, we have developed custom workflow based manuals to fit according to client needs. These custom workflow based manuals make the transition to the new system easier making it a prime key to successful adoption of new systems.

Workflow Manuals

Dear Systems

DEAR Systems

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Inventory Management

Workflow Manuals

What makes your “Customized” manuals
better than the normal help files from the
software vendor?

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That’s quite a simple answer, quite a few things actually:

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They are customized to your internal workflow; as we know every organization has a slightly different way of doing things, and we take the time to understand that  process with all your team members and then create the manual for you.

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We provide you with a custom trainual portal.

No 2

We provide you with a detailed workflow of each of your key processes, i.e. sales, purchasing, warehouse management, retail, and finance.We create the manual by roles, rather than just by functions.

No 4

Access to internal progress status. Get updated on each team member’s training progress in real-time.

What’s The Process Like?

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Step One

We scope out your requirements in
detail (1-2+ meetings, depending on the

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Step Two

We create the process
workflows/maps for each of your key

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Step Three

You review these workflows and
approve them.

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Step Four

We create a custom portal
following the approved processed

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Step Five

Your management approves the
training portal.

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Step Six

Invitations are sent out to all

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Do we get any support or further training?

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Support and further training are only offered for repair and review. Should you need additional support and further training, let us know so we can customize a package for you.

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How Much Does it Cost?

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Customised Workflow manuals can cost from $4,000- $7,000.00 depending on your size, workflow, and requirements.

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Can I Get a Package with Other Services?

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Absolutely! Please inquire with one of our sales staff, and they will work out a package for you. You can book a free scope call with our staff here.


Book Free Discovery Call

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Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email
anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our
faithful clients.

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