Simplify Your Payroll Process With KeyPay Automated Payroll System.

Save time & navigate complicated payroll processes while complying with your employer obligations in just a few clicks with KeyPay’s automated payroll system..

Automated Payroll System. Sounds Amazing?

Well, it doesn’t just sound amazing.
It really is amazing.

Do you dread spending those countless hours manually calculating and managing weekly or monthly payroll processes?
What if we tell you that you can sit back, relax, and take care of your payroll functions & manage your employees with just a few clicks?

Sounds Unrealistic? Not at all.

End the nightmare of drowning yourself in timesheets, salaries, wages, overtime, staff leave, taxes and all of its complications by automating your entire payroll process.

How? KeyPay automated payroll system is your simple solution.

What Is KeyPay?

KeyPay is a cloud-based, automated payroll system that handles all your payroll tasks with minimum intervention.

It is a comprehensive payroll solution that allows you to 
manage all your payroll processes within one portal and integrates seamlessly with accounting software like Xero, or 
ERP like Odoo, making your cloud accounting experience even more brilliant.

Not only does KeyPay save time. It is also affordable and 


Why Choose An Automated Payroll System Like KeyPay?

Change the way you work and pay.
  • It’s cloud-based so there are no worries about adding storage and your data is safe on the cloud.
  • The software is user-friendly, which means you don’t have to be too techy to use it to its full potential.
  • It saves a significant chunk of your time by automating payroll functions and allowing seamless integration to your existing accounting software.
  • Users can choose which tasks they prefer to automate and which they don’t, giving you complete control.
  • Ends the hassle of manual documentation by complete automation.

Need Help Simplifying Your Payroll Processes?

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Accurate Timesheet Calculations

KeyPay automates the calculation of timesheets according to the rules & conditions of your award if awards are relevant.

It automatically calculates pay rates, taxes, and superannuation, leaving you with accurate pay runs every time.

Going a step further it enables you to calculate payout entitlements of employees that are leaving due to various reasons.
STP Phase 2 Compliance.

KeyPay allows automatic reporting to multiple agencies and is ATO certified as an STP Phase 2 certified software.

Award Compliant Calculations

KeyPay includes an extensive list of built-in modern fair work awards, updated annually, sparing you from the hassle of constantly having to check if pay runs are award compliant.

The automated payroll system also allows you to apply special conditions for specific employees when necessary.

Hassle-Free Employee Timesheets.

Instead of following up with employees for timesheets, KeyPay allows employees to clock in and clock out through a self-service mobile application, Work Zone.

It automatically updates employees timesheets, and all you need to do is simply log on to Work Zone, approve them, and employees timesheets are ready for on-time pay runs.

Leave Management.

Sometimes the tasks that we may think to be small are the ones that take up time. Whether you have employees on full-time, part-time or shift basis, KeyPay takes care of it all.

That’s not all its built-in leave entitlement  scenarios are fair work compliant. All you need to do is set it up, and you can manage employees leave with absolute ease.

Efficient Rostering

Rostering has never been this easy! KeyPay also allows you to generate rosters and make changes in next to no time.

It gives you complete visibility of you employee’s availability and even provides the total projected wage calculations to ensure you stay within budget. Once the roster is created, relevant employees are notified via SMS, e-mail or Work Zone.

Automated Pay Slip Distribution.

With KeyPay you don’t need to spend time e-mailing employee pay slips. Simply set it up, and the software sends each employee a notification via SMS, email or Work Zone, enabling them to access their pay slips immediately after each pay run.

Automated Reports & Journal Entries

Out with the old & in with the new. Say Good-Bye to manual reports and journal entries.

With KeyPay you can generate reports after each pay run, and by integrating it with your accounting system, send you journal entries directly to software like Xero or Cloud-Based ERP System like Odoo.


How Do I Integrate KeyPay & Ensure 
It’s Used to Its Full Potential?

The best systems are futile unless used to their full potential. From careful planning to setting up the system and customising to suit individual requirements, and most importantly knowing how to use all its functionalities is what enables you to make the most out of any system.

Worried about handling the whole process?

Simply reach out to us, and our WAO team of Solution Engineers will take over your worries.

With years of experience working on multiple projects for clients in an array of industries, we follow customised plans, tried and tested to steer you through the whole process.

What We Do for YOU
  • Understand your requirements, your workflows, and your current practices.
  • Study your processes & methods in use.
  • Guide you through implementation.
  • Assist you with the system set up and setting up of conditions.
  • Provide adequate training through personalised 
videos and manuals.
  • Walk you through Go Live.
  • Provide post assistance via e-mail & chat for a 
pre-determined time.

We are Here to Simplify Your Journey.

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