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As the cloud software industry evolves and grows at a rapid pace, there is
always going to be the need for someone to tell the real stories.

Six years ago, we made a big decision. We decided to start WhichAddOn – the place for businesses to come to from all over the world, to get their ultimate question answered “Which Add-on do we use?” for our business.  We laugh often about the time we sat in a cafe in Leura, in the...

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Taking stock of your stock Inventory is a much-disliked aspect of accounting because it is complicated. However, with careful attention, logical thinking and a solid understanding of your business, processes and systems – it’s not as difficult as first anticipated. 

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Stocktakes are an essential part of managing any business that has any kind of inventory.  What is it?  Stocktaking is when you physically count all of the inventory that your product-based business holds. This process helps you to find out how much actual inventory there is. This process differs for each company depending on the...

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The business of running a business never ends, it’s an ongoing juggling act and before you know it, there is the additional complication of the end of the financial year and another thing that needs to be done.  The great thing about EOFY is that it allows you to take stock of the year behind...

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