A2X for Shopify – Automating Reconciliations!

November, 2020

A2X for Shopify is a certified Xero application and has a well-earned reputation as being one of the most effective Amazon accounting integration solutions. A2X creates a seamless integration of transactions and reconciliation from Amazon to your accounting software. Now A2X is giving us the same great experience but with Shopify.

If you have a Shopify marketplace this is why you need A2X for Shopify?

 Summarized vs Individual Order Import

Integrating accounting systems, like Xero or QuickBooks to Shopify when you first start out is a good and sensible business practice. But once your store starts growing and you approach sales in the hundreds or thousands of sales in a day the growing pains will become unbearable.

As your Shopify store grows, importing each order into your accounting system clogs your system with unnecessary details and makes reconciling to your bank account a nightmare. A2X generates summarized statements tied to each payout summary, ensuring penny perfect reconciliation each month.

 Save Hours of Reconciling Each Month

Having to manually reconcile your Shopify payouts and pull out your fee, refund or adjustment data can be frustrating and fraught with error. A2X automates that manual process into a few clicks each month, turning what took hours into a few seconds. To make a good thing even greater A2X supports multi-currency stores. Whether it’s in USD, AUD or SGD, you can be sure that the amounts in your sales and your accounts match.


 Bridge the Data Gap for Accurate Bookkeeping

A2X brings through and allocates all your stores data into your accounting system to ensure your business has reliable and accurate financial data you can rely on. This means not having to deal with importing data from each store, or each payment gateway, into your accounting system.

You can use A2X to connect multiple Shopify stores to a single accounting system. All your information in one place with just a few clicks. Beyond awesome!

How does it Work?

A2X imports all of your Shopify transactions, all of your sales, fees, refunds and other adjustments, and Shopify Payments payouts.


 A2X Summarizes the Amounts and Posts to      Your Accounting System

Summarized accounting is recommended by leading specialist E-commerce accountants. It protects your accounting system from being swamped by the unnecessary detail of all the individual orders and gives you an accounting process that will scale as your E-commerce business grows. A2X will automate your Shopify accounting, whether it’s hundreds of orders or hundreds of thousands of orders.


 Reconciles Perfectly to Your Payouts

The accrual accounting records posted by A2X reconcile to your Shopify Payments bank deposits, so that you know everything has been accounted for accurately.


If you have a Shopify marketplace and your current accounting solution is not keeping pace with the growth of your business talk to WAOConnect about an A2X integration. A2X have demonstrated experience and is a market leader among Amazon solutions. It makes sense to work with a solution that thousands of other business people trust for their E-commerce accounting integration.

If you have more questions, please feel free to send us a message or Book a Free Discovery Call. We at WAOConnect are always ready to help. Please go here to book a free scope call.

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