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No more monthly journals just to know how your business is performing. Now you can automate eCommerce accounting with A2X.& enjoy accurate financials everyday.
System Implementation

Are you Struggling to Constantly Import Data from your eCommerce Platform into your Accounting Software?

We are Here to Simplify Your Journey.

Want to Know How?

A2X may just be the perfect answer to all your struggles.

A2X, an industry leading cloud-based software is designed to automate your eCommerce accounting processes.

It helps you streamline your eCommerce payment reconciliation and sales reporting in a fraction of the time.

With A2X you can seamlessly send your data from eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and eBay, right through to your accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks.

Be among the thousands of eCommerce businesses worldwide, relying on A2X for hassle free, automated, accurate eCommerce accounting data.

What’s more?

A2X pulls through your sales data from any connected eCommerce platform or Marketplace, along with the relevant payment types.

It post your sales data into your accounting software along with the expected payment receipt amount on the intended payment date.

It will even take up merchant fees charged by the platform, such as Shopify or Amazon, if available.

And the best part is, the process is consistent and continuous.

Just focus on selling and the accounting part can be taken care of.

Fact for Thought

Did you know?

On average A2X users save 2-20 hours per month.

Curious to Know How A2X Can Help Simplify Your eCommerce Accounting Process?
No more countless hours

Cut Down on the Hours and Save Yourself the Hassle

With A2X in place, you no longer have to worry about spending countless hours manually importing data from your eCommerce platform into your accounting software.

Nor do you have to stress about connecting these apps directly into Xero and reconciling hundreds of transactions that are already paid.

You can also avoid the hassle of identifying repetitive entries and discrepancies that may occur while importing your eCommerce accounting data to your existing accounting software.


No More System

Integrating your accounting system directly with your eCommerce platform is a wise decision when you only have a few orders per month.

As your business starts growing and sales volumes increase you may find hundreds of thousands of sales occurring daily, and importing each transaction may cause your core accounting system to clog.

A2X streamlines your eCommerce accounting data, and sends summarised transactions to your core accounting system, preventing such clogging.

Want to learn more about why summarised transactions are advantageous? Click here and read on.
automated process

Say Goodbye to Manual

Now you don’t have to rack your brain figuring out which transactions make up your bank deposits.

A2X automates the process by sending summaries of your income & related merchant fees from your eCommerce platform straight into your accounting software.

No more headaches and painful hours of manually matching your sales with the correct deposits.


Easily Categorise Your Sales Month by Month

Accounting for sales gets messy when you sell every day and payments are only received monthly or fortnightly.

A2X knows your daily sales and easily categorises your sales and receipts by month, ensuring your sales are dated in the correct month, even if you only get paid next month.

To learn more about the A2X & Shopify experience, take a look at our blog post A2X for Shopify – Automating Reconciliations.

system implementation

Hassle-Free Implementation is Just One Click Away

With WAO, you can rest assured your system implementation is a success, your data is in place, your staff well trained, and your business is fueled & ready to gain optimum results.

The WAO team of solution engineers carefully plan and customise each implementation process to suit your business, helping you visualise how your systems work together through customised videos prior to implementation.

What’s more?

Ensuring detailed workflow maps to help you understand the new processes and manage the change.

We take over the stresses of implementation and training, saving you from hours and hours of tiresome learning through dozens of tutorials on how to integrate A2X and use it to its full potential.

We take away the hassle of training your entire workforce, and more.

Through years of experience, we know that proper implementation and the right support will help streamline your eCommerce accounting, taking your business to the next level.

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