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Want to uncover your business potential with world leading software?

Whether you’re well-acquainted with acronyms like ERP, CRM, 3PL or FIFO, or this is all new to you, we can help you harness the power of a range of industry-acclaimed software solutions.

We will ensure they fit seamlessly into your business, and help you navigate them while you innovate, profit and grow.

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Need to free up your time and resources with systems and support?

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Want to move to the cloud? Safeguard your most sensitive data with industrial-level security services? Strategically aligning your business applications with needs and future goals?

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Inventory Management Solution Implementations

Odoo Implementation

Odoo ERP systems, together with the services offered at WAO Connect, will ensure the different departments of your business and their data systematically links to make what you once thought impossible, absolutely possible.

We ensure our clients are geared and ready to yield optimum results by following a carefully planned implementation process. 

With every Odoo implementation or optimisation project, WAO provides integration mapping to help you visualise how your systems work together. 

DEAR Inventory Implementation

If you are a growing business with processes involving manufacturing, eCommerce, retailing or wholesales, DEAR can be the ideal Inventory management system for you, helping you take control and have better visibility of your overall inventory from a centralised point. 

When implemented properly DEAR can increase the efficiency, accuracy & productivity of your business.

XERO Implementation.

Trusted by over 3 million accountants, small businesses and bookkeepers, Xero is a cloud-based accounting software built to help businesses manage their accounting processes and access accurate, reliable data for better financial management in just a few clicks.

We at WAO Connect are experts with hands-on experience in implementing, integrating & even migrating businesses from different industries onto Xero.
Our team of solution engineers will guide you through a tried and tested process, ensuring you, your team, and your business are fueled up and ready to harness the full potential of Xero. We make the stress of implementing Xero, zero.

Custom API Integration.

Unique business workflows require unique solutions that standard cloud-based systems may not offer. If you feel your cloud-based system does not align with your business processes or lacks communication between systems in other departments, you may require a custom API Integration, to ensure the systems build a comprehensive solution and the overall features align with the business requirement.
Our team of Solution Engineers and Accountants, with years of experience, working on multiple projects in a variety of industries, will take care of it all.

From scoping out the requirement to finding the most suitable custom API to testing, training and implementing, WAO takes care of it all!

KeyPay Payroll Implementation.

End the nightmare of drowning yourself in timesheets, salaries, wages, overtime, staff leave, taxes and all of its complications by automating your entire payroll process with KeyPay.

From careful planning to setting up the system, customising to suit individual requirements, and most importantly, knowing how to use all its functionalities is what enables you to make the most out of it.
Worried about handling the whole process of implementation?

Our WAO team of Solution Engineers will take over your worries with our customised plans tried and tested to steer you through the whole process.

Research the Correct Solution.

Cloud-based systems that work for one business may not be the ideal solution for another. Knowing and choosing the most suitable cloud-based system for your business will help yield the intended outcome.

That’s not all, you also need to know which systems to integrate or customise when ready-made systems don’t align with your business’s unique workflows.

At WAO, we not only conduct thorough research to identify your business workflows and requirements, but we also make it a point to provide you with several solution options and demonstrate customised videos on how these solutions will perform within your business.

Data Entry Automation.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and OCR for automated data extraction from imagery documents in businesses with Xtracta.

Designed to suit any business model in any industry, dealing with a large amount of document processing, with Xtracta you too can capture, extract and record data accurately and efficiently in next to no time.

Does the hassle of implementation stress you out?
That’s where our WAO Team of Experts come in.
We won’t just tell you what to do, we show you how it’s done and what you can expect once the system is in place.

Review & Repair.

Experiencing data inaccuracies even whilst using cloud-based systems to automate your business processes? If your answer is “Yes”, a systems review is probably your best solution to identify the root cause and get you back on track.    

Our team of solution engineers with our expertise and experiences over the years, have tried and tested practices that help us, Investigate and find  all discrepancies and explain how to fix them (Review)

We don’t stop there we explain how to avoid making the current mistakes in future, and deliver training for your operational staff (Train), while suggesting best workflow practices (Repair)

And only if it is absolutely necessary, do we recommend integrating or implementing a new system to support and enhance performance, if what you have just isn’t right for you

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“ WAOConnect helped a lot not just in
planning & executing the best systems for the business but they also helped us to build confidence and made us trust in our
own capacities and step up into management roles. ”

Tahnee McCrossin

SuperFeast • Natural supplements

“ It’s easy to give positive reference when you’ve had a positive experience.

The advice WAOConnect provided and the performance of their team were excellent!

The project was a 2-way street, any of your team helped bring out the best in me. ”

Scott Andersen

Co-Founder • Planet of the Vapes

“All businesses today should be looking for ways to remove unnecessary complexity, simplify and automate. Having implemented many company-wide ERP solutions in both large and small organisations, WAO is my first point of call, and anyone not using WAO, I believe is at a significant disadvantage.”

Chris Buchanan

Retail Apparel & Fashion • ALEMAIS