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Unlock the full potential of your business by getting its complete real-time insights on a complete reporting solution which has been simplified and carefully crafted according to how you wanted and needed it to be.

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W I T H  W A O C O N N E C T  Y O U R

Dream Dashboard Comes to Life

Tired of analysing & manually generating reports of critical business data? Ever dreamed of having an excellent business reporting dashboard that has been carefully customised on how you wanted and needed it to be?

Can you imagine all the time, money and energy you can save? With WAO Connect, you’re in the hands of the ultimate experts in the worlds of accounting, business and cloud system helping you make the best data reporting tool dashboard increasing your business’ maximum profitability & growth.

Everything is All in One Place

Instead of subscribing & browsing on multiple reporting platforms, everything you need to see & understand is already here causing you to save lots of resources.

Everything is Easy to Read

Your big, complicated business data just got simplified. Never be overwhelmed again and you can only get the specific data that you need, just as how you want and need it to be.

Anyone Can Become a Marketing Pro

Within seconds, you can generate a full business data report on the timeline of your choice. You will understand what works and wha doesn’t, helping you take immediate actions on how to improve it.

Real-Time Updates

You can see how everything is moving in real time enabling you to detect and solve issues that should have gotten bigger in the future & letting you make better business decisions.


Specialty Industries

Being the experts in the world of business, accounting and system implementation, we understand the main struggles of business owners and we specialize in building the perfect customised dashboards for their product selling businesses

C U S T O M & S I M P L I F I E D

All-in-One Reporting Solutions Dashboard

Finishing Touches

Our elite team of experts on Data Collection and Mediation offers a proven Methodology for: Analysis, Design, Specification Documentation, Configuration, Scripting, Unit Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Hand-holding assistance and Post-Production support.

Real Time Data Flow

The real time engine combines real time application, integration and orchestration so you can deploy your integrations in the cloud in real-time or in bulk on schedule.

Data & API Management

We combine the best API available in the market with our professional services and skills in order to connect data, applications and devices to make it pluggable and reusable.

Data Automation

We integrate and automate the web apps you use by connecting, transferring or appending your data from one solution to the other.

(API) Integration

We make it fast and easy for users to connect applications and data across the internet so they can improve business processes, accelerate decision-making, and drive better business outcomes.

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With WAOConnect, your
Dream Business Dashboard Comes to Life!

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Are you ready to empower your business with real time data and take it to the next level?